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Come On Admit Something

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  1. Synonyms for admit something include relent, yield, capitulate, soften, acquiesce, give in, melt, back-pedal, unbend and accede. Find more similar words at!
  2. ad‧mit /ədˈmɪt/ verb (admitted, admitting) [ transitive] 1 to allow someone to enter a place or become a member of a group, organization, school etc admit somebody/something to something Both republics are now hoping to be admitted to the IMF. 2 admit liability to accept legal liability for something The multinational has now admitted liability for its negligence. → See Verb table Origin admit .
  3. admit When you admit something, you confess that it happened. It wasn't easy to admit that you'd broken the vase, but how else could you explain that your hand was glued to it? Besides meaning "confess," admit can also mean "let in," like a theater ticket that says "ADMIT ONE.".
  4. When somebody admits something, they are usually agreeing that something that is generally considered bad or wrong is true or has happened, especially when it relates to their own actions. When somebody concedes something, they are usually accepting, unwillingly, that a particular fact or statement is true or logical.
  5. phrasal verb. to admit that you were wrong, especially after expressing an opinion or argument very firmly. come out of the closet. phrase. to say publicly that you are gay. come out of the closet. phrase. to say publicly that you have a particular belief .
  6. 1 to accept the truth or existence of (something) usually reluctantly. the host of the talk show eventually admitted that she hadn't actually read the book. you can't bring yourself to admit your mistakes. Synonyms for admit. acknowledge.
  7. admit to (something) To confess or acknowledge a personal wrongdoing. "To" can be followed by either the misdeed or the recipient of the confession. Beth finally admitted to cheating on the test. Ryan would not admit to his parents that he had damaged their car. See also: admit.
  8. formal.: to allow or permit (something, such as an answer or solution) a question that admits of two possible answers.